About Cellsafe

A sophisticated biotech venture founded in 2006, Cellsafe Biotech Group ("Cellsafe") thrives in providing cord blood stem cells processing and cryogenic preservation services across different markets in Southeast Asia.

Cellsafe is one of the fastest growing cord blood banking companies in Malaysia. It is also the first biotech company in the country to use a world-renowned fully automated processing technology.

With in-depth experiences in stem cell banking, Cellsafe has the regional presence, resources and expertise to provide you with services of the highest quality. At Cellsafe, your stem cells samples are always in good hands and you can count on us when you need your samples the most.

Malaysia Cellsafe HQ (D7 Sentul East)

Our Vision

To be the leading stem cell banking and therapeutics healthcare group in Asia

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality stem cell banking services that are benchmarked against international standards.

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What is Cord Blood Stem Cell?

What is Cord Blood Stem Cell

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